SS-15: Golden Dawn / Apeiron Demo 1995 (reissue on gatefold DLP)

Seed Stock is proud to announce the reissue for this milestone of Austrian mystical black metal. Pre order now for February 2017 release date. First 100 copies come on limited red vinyl with zine containing recent interview and lots of old band photos. Regular black vinyl (limited to 400 copies) is also available.

Also, the online archive for all early music of Stefan Traunmuller has been launched here: Traunmuller Archives.

SS-14: Sovereign - In the Abyss of my Soul 12" EP (Final Sovereign release)

Out now, and nearly sold out, the FINAL EP from the Brazilian legends, Sovereign. 3 new tracks raw and melodic black metal from the southern hemisphere. This EP is strictly limited to 100 numbered and stamped copies, housed in a thick PVC sleeve. The final statement from one of Brazil's most unique black metal projects.

Seed Stock and Personnel reopen with new releases from each label: Nuit Noire & Thought Broadcast

July 6th, 2015: Seed Stock, Personnel, and the Seed Stock web store have reopened. We have 2 new releases out (see below) and some new distro items in the shop.

Raspberry Bulbs will perform live on March 29, 2014 with Anxiety Hammer and Virile Games at Baby's Alright

On March the 29th (Saturday) Raspberry Bulbs will take the stage at Baby's Alright - at 146 Broadway in Brooklyn, 8pm, $10. The band will be accompanied by Anxiety Hammer (feat. ex-members of Salvation - PA) with Virile Games (NY) breaking up the dark rock and roll music.

Wulkanaz - Paurpura Fraeovibokos LP (SS-12) SOLD OUT

Wulkanaz 'Paurpura Fraeovibokos' LP is now sold out from SS. The record is sold out from Altare Prod. as well, and no represses have been planned thus far. You can, however, order the cassette or CD version from Altare Prod. in Portugal.

Please do not email asking for copies of this LP or any other SS releases which are not listed in the 'store' section, these items are literally completely gone.

Raspberry Bulbs + Alberich midwest tour Fall 2013

RB will be playing 4 shows in November, 2013. The stops include Pittsburgh, Chicago, Oberlin, and Manhattan. Visit the tour page for full listings. The band will be in the van with Alberich (NY) and will share the bill in Chicago and Pittsburgh. RB will have new shirt designs and merchandise for the shows.

Wulkanaz - Paurpura Fraeovibokos LP Pre-Order Begins

As of Today (February 26th) Pre-order begins for the Wulkanaz debut LP. Test presses and artwork have been approved, the release is already in production and is expected to be back around April 1st.

Seed Stock will only be supplying orders to North and South America, Asia, and Australia. This gatefold LP with 12 page booklet will be limited to 500 copies, and we will be in possession of only half the pressing.

Bubonic Productions in Portugal will handle ALL European orders, please use their new webstore to place a pre-order .

Have a listen to 2 new tracks from the LP: Aggwiz Agisiz and Gadiliggs - Þagkjan hulundi seþ

RB East Coast Tour January 2013

Raspberry Bulbs will be heading out on a short 4 day mini-tour through the East Coast. Link off above for all the details, tour dates, and information for purchasing tickets. The stops so far include Philadelphia, Providence, Brighton (Ma), and Brooklyn. This marks a new phase and line up for RB. Essentially, they will be performing all new material from the upcoming 'Deformed Worship' LP. Similarly, RB has also been booked to play with Iceage in Brooklyn on Jan 25th (at 285 Kent).

Seed Stock Records Guest DJ'ed for WFMU on 8/31/12

Seed Stock Records did a guest DJ spot on the show My Castle of Quiet last week. The set tried to focus on specific and obscure black metal songs from all over the globe, many of tracks were directly played from demo cassettes. The other stand out moment was an exclusive track from Wulkanaz off of their upcoming album. Lots of BM that is worth your time to hear. Link off to the playlist from the title above.

Bone Awl Tenth Anniversary show in San Francisco (July 27th, 2012)

The west coast edition of the Bone Awl tenth anniversary show is happening on July 27th in San Francisco, CA at the Elbo Room. We are very proud to announce that opening for BA will be Cirrhus (from Oregon) and the first ever USA appearance by Verglas (Montreal). Please come out, and experience this very rare event. Tickets are not available in advance, you can purchase them day of the show at the venue ($8 will get you in). The flyer for the show is linked off above.

New label, Personnel Records, launched as a subsidiary imprint.

We have decided to create a new label over here, as a brother to Seed Stock: Personnel Records. This label will be used to focus on all non-black metal related bands which we fully support. With the launch of the label are our first two releases: Russian Tsarlag "Liquid Nails" LP and Raspberry Bulbs "Demos 2009/2010" LP, both available in the SS shop. All news pertaining to Personnel will be posted here.

Raspberry Bulbs "Demos" LP out now (PER-002)

Since the two earlier demos of RB have been out of print for over a year, we decided to reissue both of them on one vinyl release. This LP, released as Personnel's 2nd vinyl, contains the first RB demo "Finally Burst..." as well as the 2nd demo "Lone Gunman". These are both the defining recordings for the band, that illustrate the style and direction RB would take. The LP is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl, they come with trademark pink jackets, shrink wrapped, and affixed with the "RB" logo sticker. Link to the shop to purchase.

Russian Tsarlag - Liquid Nails LP out now (PER-001)

Listen to a sample of the song 'No Reason' here.

Russian Tsarlag is more easily explained as the musical counterpart to the psyche of Carlos Gonzalez rather than trying to attach it to genre or make other musical comparisons. If you've seen Carlos perform or look over one his records you can see that he very much tries to create a new world where he truly belongs. There is humor, although bleak, and there is a certain sci-fi feel, although faded. He has been around for a while now, and has essentially been doing the same thing throughout his time in Providence, Ri as well as now in his home of Tampa, Florida and Carlos' sincerity and singularity keep a devout group of followers and his status as a cult artist both growing steadily like a happy David Cronenberg-sculpted bonus organ.

Liquid Nails is his 3rd full length LP in a long list of cassette releases and other format releases which might also be considered full-lengths. Needless to say, Carlos is a very productive artist, he also makes comic books (either Slime Freak or Steam Walkway) and tours often, creating memorable live performances which sometimes more resemble a stand up routine than a noise show. If anything he has now honed the sound of RT into something that focuses more on song and lyric: there is less noise on these recordings and much more atmosphere. Whereas his older material was essentially the Willy Wonka boat rant backed by a psychotic war drum, the new songs are more like lullabies sung to astronauts during deep space travel stasis. Essentially, you should take some time to enter into the world of Russian Tsarlag and almost all of his releases are a fine starting point, Liquid Nails being a most certainly qualified portal (just make sure the sun is down, and the lights are off).

Limited to 200 copies with fold over xerox covers and red obi.

Bone Awl - Bowing Heads LP is in the store once again.

The new Bone awl recording 'Bowing Heads' has been released on vinyl by Iron Tyrant records (Italy), and is back in the shop for another time. It comes in 12" format limited to 700 copies with the first 100 copies on clear vinyl with poster. It also features the 'Sunless Xyggos' recording on the B-side.

A dedication to work still remains, employed until skulls are pressed into the dirt. Bowing Heads is the first new release of Bone Awl in nearly 3 years. All of the pock-marks still there and some new scars, somehow still shaving off dead meat. Dubbed tapes with xerox covers. 6 new songs, all a continued hacking at the same stone. The face is now uncovered and quite clear. Only a short stack in stock here, the tape version from the recent Berlin show whose future reissue is still undecided, recommended if you want to hear this do not sleep on picking it up.

Raspberry Bulbs WFMU set is now in the Free Music Archives

The RB set that took place on July 15th during the My Castle of Quiet show is now posted online in the Free Music Archives. This is the first performance of RB as a full band and marks a new stage for the band. More live performances by RB coming up: this weekend at the Red Light District (July 30th), w/ Iceage on August 21st at Secret Project Robot, also w/ FFH and Endless Humiliation at Lit on Sept. 12.

Raspberry Bulbs 'Nature Tries Again' LP is now available in digital format

BoomKat, the digital provider of Hospital Productions releases, now has 'Nature Tries Again' for purchase download. This will be the most close to master version of the album, and will of course sound much better than the poor counterfeit versions floating around.

SS-01 Sovereign Rehearsal 1995 10" is now on sale.


Sovereign have been a strange and unique band in the underground for a long while. With releases marking back all the way to the late nineties, they have developed a surprisingly long discography that has spread as slowly as you would expect of vinyl only releases from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Regardless, Sovereign's style is something that will immediately stand out, and distinguish itself from the many other "black" bands from that region. Their music is vibrant, raw, melodic, and the only thing noticeably "Brazilian" about it is how the sole member, Rudolph, wrangles the guitar strings like he's choking out the last breath of a living animal.

SS-09 OUT NOW! Tony Tears - Voci Dal Passato Pro-Cassette

The Voci dal Passato CS is a reissue of the debut self-released album by Tony Tears (who at one point was the bassist of Italian Gothic-Doom metal band Abysmal Grief). This eerie and heavy Gothic-Doom album might seem like a strange release for Seed Stock considering the past releases, but considering the quality of Voci, you can see it fits in nicely with the recurring theme of primitivism, simplicity, and clarity of vision.Tony Tears has something in common with his Italian cohorts in Abysmal Grief as well as a lot of the older Italian doom bands appearing on the Black Widow label, but the greater appeal here is the utterly stripped down song structures and haunting raw atmosphere created by the clean vocals, drum machine, and keyboards. Like a lot of other Italian doom bands, there is some transcendental ambient element floating in all the songs. It seems they were never able to shake the aura of 70s Italian horror movies, or the sick heat of the desert in Spaghetti Westerns and Mr. Tears is no exception. However, Voci keeps things braindead simple in terms of guitar and it's his haunting spirit voice that drives the songs into something of deeper personality.

Voci dal Passato is something that should appeal to all fans of minimal metal and is raw not in production (although this does have a warm analog sound) but rather in its presentation of the mood and riff.

SS-02 Out Now! Moontower - In the Shadow of the Wolf in Stock!

Coming out the 2nd wave of Polish black metal, Moontower were one the names that stood out in this scene of dangerous and violent music from that era. With contemporaries like Ohtar, Selbstmord, Kataxu, and Gontyna Kry this scene defined itself as the most potent in all of European black metal for that time period. With several great demos and a split cassette with Ohtar, Moontower were and continue to be one of the most productive Polish bands of that time. In the Shadow of the Wolf was released as a debut mini album of sorts back in 2003, and to this day stands as the band's finest acheivement (in Seed Stock's opinion of course).

Seed Stock Shipping Info: Delivery time will take around 2-3 weeks.